Saturday, August 30, 2008

A place called New York

Photo from Miguel Lopes on Flickr

Dan called me at work on Friday from NEW YORK. He was so excited he could barely put words together. He told me about the Yankees game he went to on Thursday afternoon - amazing. He's so glad he was able to go to the old stadium before it's demolished. He gushed over everything - the buildings, the people, the efficiency of the place. Everything is first class and it is the best place he's ever gone to. He at one point, said he couldn't say anymore "because I'm gonna cry it's so awesome here." Wow - I am so happy he went. He kept saying to me "You should have come!" I should have gone. It would have been great to go with such a large crew.

But the real question for Dan is, is he watching NY1 and Pat Kiernan in the morning? Because apparently, that's not to be missed.

So now I'm determined to get to NYC - probably with little Marni for my birthday. I asked Steve too - he would love it there. Maybe Dan would go back again for a few days - now that he's an expert on the place. I have to pick Amanda's brain some more since she lived there for a while - in Greenwich Village. She also can't believe that (a) I haven't ever been and (2) why I didn't go with the apple dumpling gang. She going to bug me when she's in the office to make sure I book my trip and get there. The problem is she said, that once you go, you won't want to leave.

Whatever they're paying this guy, IT AINT ENOUGH. Geesh - I'd rather handle snakes.

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