Monday, September 15, 2008


When Buddy was a baby, he looked like one of these guys. His tail was really short and not fluffy like it is now. How cute are these kids? But the thing is, even when they grow up, they get even more cute. His vocabulary alone amazes me. "Snacks" for instance, can bring him in off the balcony no matter what. "Where's your girlfriends?" sends his neck spinning and his eyes bulging and sometimes he'll even whip down the hall to the door; because his girlfriends are the two cats next door, Cleocatra and Monet. "Fancy Feast" means breakfast time - lots of groggy maaahs out of his mouth. Bud's voice is particularly unusual. You'd think for such a powder puff he'd sound like a poof, but he doesn't. His voice is deep and scratchy. Hilarious if you ask me. Everyday I tell him I love him and that he's the cutest kid ever. See how nuts you get when you don't give birth to your own children? Needless to say, my cat Bud owns my heart. I adore him.

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