Friday, September 26, 2008

it's someone special's birthday

So for fun, I gave his name the Googler, images. THIS is what I found.

That's not my big brother.

Anyways, I hope he's taking care of himself and taking a lunch break. I hope he's stopped drinking diet Coke. Diet Coke is BAD! Don't get me started on how toxic Aspartame is. And how Donald Rumsfeld has benefited in the millions. Please, for your birthday - don't drink Diet Coke! Do it for me. Go buy yourself a maple-walnut ice cream cone instead.

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Irish Pirate said...

To my lovely and talented sister, thank you. As I write this, I am reflecting on the hilarious Ghost World and the magnificent British humor. That was the funniest movie I have seen since Wedding Crashers.

Speaking of rants, memo to self, never open a restau...rant in or around the North American Continent within driving range of Stephanie and Gary. Thank God I do not own The Beach House. Better they should just sneak out in the dark of night after serving their final martini. That essay raised the term “critique” to a whole to new level.

As for my birthday, I am actually not counting by earth years, I am going by a more historical and abstract thing called periods, but not the thirty day kind.

And now for something really interesting, and in the spirit of brevity, yes thank you, I will.