Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's suppose to be John McCain ya dummies

Okay, being a sombre day around the world, I thought I wouldn't be posting anything but my flag at half staff. I loved the shot I found; the flag's tattered edges are symbolic, recognizing the bold image of America, it's woundedness only makes it more stunning. Never defeated. Obviously the American flag is one of the most beautiful flags in the world ( next to the Union Jack naturally).

BUT, with all the flippin Sarah Palin crap - day in, day out, including her drip husband - I CAN'T STOP MYSELF!

To The American Press: 
Sarah Palin is NOT your candidate for President. She is not the one the Republicans elected as their leader - it's the old guy with the comb-over. You know, the guy who owes all George Bush's friends favors to? Ya know the guy who will pull more and more of your young pontentials into a war that you'll end up fighting for another, what was it? Forever??? That's who's running for President. That's your Republican. Not Sarah Palin.  Or is it?
So with all SP's extreme right-wing Christian agenda, are we all sure we want to waste this precious time promoting this half-wit and take the pressure off her boss?
Geez Louise!

So I have two images to leave you with: 

Number One:  
This just proves what S.P is all about - nice decor - early-neandrethal is it?

I believe the Brits call a woman like this a "Twat". And just look at that footwear? She needs a trip to NeedlessMarkup and an Interior Decorator - STAT!

Number Two: 
Does it really take a Brit to point out the obvious alternative? :

Morrissey, where art thou?

Please forgive me, but I cannot keep my mouth shut or my fingers off the dang keyboard on this. PLEASE - For the Love of God - Vote - Vote for Obama and Biden - they ARE you're only way out.

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tourist said...

Naivete reigns supreme! Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, please. When are the adults going to play? These people are all part of what truly is a polyarchy in the US. Try to keep in mind that although Bush bashing is in vogue, Bush is not a King. The US has a Senate and House of Representatives, and many of those who are of a liberal bent either voted for Bush policies or sat on their collective asses and did nothing. Democracy, take a look at Noam Chomsky on you tube for a realistic evaluation of the good ol US of A.