Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, I'm way beyond pissed off right now.  

If there's anyone out there that has any doubt about the evilness behind the American media at the moment, well please explain Anderson Cooper's "360" abrupt cut out of the live address of Barack Obama this evening in order to air a canned interview of John McCain.  

This is utterly preposterous! 

I feel as though I've just witnessed a spaceship land on my front lawn for God's sakes!  Could this possibly be happening in the democracy of the United States?   Please do tell!  

This is a horrendous and blatant manipulation of media.  CNN aired SP entire spewing of nonsense at peak air time this morning and they can't non-partisan like air a live speech by a Presidential Candidate within 6 days of the election?!?!?!?  Are they flippin mad?! 

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