Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Toledo, OH. There she is this morning - ruining my life again.

First point:
In referencing Obama and Biden's understanding of energy, I heard her say "They need to understand the science behind that".

Really? And this from a woman who doesn't even understand the science of her own reproductive system.

Second point: 
Talking about her Maverick John McCain, that "he has always put his country first". But there's a difference between putting country first and seeking power first. What is her argument? Has Barack Obama and Joe Biden betray their country? Is she calling into question their allegiance to the United States? Or is she just being stupid?

Third point: 
Think about this; Sarah Palin's own thirst for power will take her, a mother of five children, including a newborn Down's Syndrome baby, on a discordant run at the White House - yes, Sarah Palin, the conservative, will leave those children and particularly her newborn special needs child behind, at a chance to run "this great nation of ours". It's a good thing the Republicans have said they will make child care a priority finally - Mrs. Palin is going to be using that program up like crazy.

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