Saturday, October 11, 2008

Special Comment - You betcha!

Keith Olbermann speaks out on Sarah Palin's own "terrorist" associations .

* Alaskan Independence Party
* Founded by Joe Vogler - who's mandate was to have "Alaska to succeed from the United States"
* Her husband Todd Palin was a registered member up until 2002. So if the AIP isn't such a negative threat, why does the AIP website feel it necessary to post THIS statement? hmmmm
* Sarah Palin recorded a speech for the Alaskan Independence Party this past March

And if the above doesn't scare you enough, there's always this article on Sarah Palin's associations.

Sarah Palin and her Uncle John are very scary people. There needs to be more awareness about how much these two are in way over their heads and less about Sarah Palin's eyewear.

And I would love to have dinner with Keith Olbermann.

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