Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in Whistler

I found these few photos today - love Whistler in the Fall.

I've spent many birthdays in Whistler and I've missed the place in recent years. In fact, I haven't stayed in Whistler in probably three years! In Whistler we have many Australians and Kiwis working in the hospitality industry. I'm not really sure why, but when you go up there, you're tripping over them. Fantastic group of folks; particularly they way in which they pronounce Whistler : "Whis-Lah". So yesterday Marni and I decided to go to Whislah for Thanksgiving. We have a one-bedroom suite at the Pan Pacific for Sunday night. We'll get facials, spa it, shop it and dine it. I'm very excited - I've been nowhere - well, I did go to Merritt one night. That counts for...well, nothing. But, we have October and I love October - I have to - it's my birthday month!

So Whistler is a pre-birthday thing since I start my first two-week vacation in over five years. My manager said the time was "contingent". What does that mean? I guess it kinda hinders purchasing airline tickets somewhere - thanks GM - I love having no life. But I'm looking forward to collecting my sanity. 

First stop is Whistler for Thanksgiving. Maybe the Island the next weekend, but that's kind of a shaky deal at the moment.

My Mom and I are doing some serious shopping south of the border because we feel pretty strongly about supporting the American economy. We're going to shop the outlet stores in Washington State and perhaps in Portland, where there's no sales tax. I've got my eye on a Tiffany Bracelet.  A bracelet that I'm buying for myself. Like in Sex and the City Movie, it just wouldn't be the same if someone bought it for me. I'm bracing for...oh, no, I'm embracing my new decade. I'm going to break open the 1990 Dom my dear brother Michael gave me for my wedding - finally - on the 20th I'll drink it. Sorry Mike, you may not be here to enjoy that. What a shame. I'm reminded of a note that was recently posted in Vanity Fair where Marilyn Monroe wrote a thank you note to the German Consulate General, "Dear Mr. von Fuelsdorff: Thank you for your champagne. It arrived, I drank it and I was gayer." Yeah, gayer - that's it.

There's so much shopping that's exclusive to the States. Crate & Barrel and Target (that's Tar-jay) doesn't begin to nail it all down. Where WILL I get the money to do this? I don't know and I don't care - I may have to sell Buddy. Anyone need a perfectly good Persian with a really shit attitude? He's yours for $5k.

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