Thursday, November 13, 2008

got nothin cause I'm getting a cold...

so I'm posting what I'm fired up playing over and's an old favorite artist, Josh Rouse, but it's a song I hadn't heard of until Tom Allen played it this morning. This morning by the ways, was gorgeous going over the Lions Gate with the wind and the sun and the white caps below.

Flickr Photo by kk

This is a so-so live version of the song I'm writing about, "It Looks Like Love", from his 2006 Subtítulo album. But I'd check out the Amazon sound clip for a true version.

A few years ago, Steve Jones and I went to see him live at The Red Room - a total dive - but it was acoustic and he, Josh Rooooose, had a bad attitude. So lucky for Josh I like this song and I'll be giving him another chance.

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