Sunday, November 9, 2008

I guess out of the blue, you won't cross my mind, and I'll get over you, over time.

I'm just getting up for water and going right back to bed, but I'm posting one of my famous memory anniversaries. Last night, November 8th, a Saturday in fact, was the 5 year anniversary from when the posse went to the Commodore Ballroom to see Lucinda Williams. This year she returns to Vancouver on Wednesday the 12th at the Vogue Theatre.

I remember that evening so well. I picked up my best friend Stephanie Neely at her place (why did I pick her up in Vancouver, just to go back to the Shore and then all go back to Vancouver to the concert???). We stopped first at the Robson Free House - not the Free House anymore - for a framboise beer and then scooted over the Lions Gate. That night was gorgeous. Totally clear and not only was the moon full on November 8, 2003, but there was also a lunar eclipse. As we drove over the bridge to the North Shore the moon eclipsed mid span. It was pretty amazing. We all met at Eric's apartment - the entire gang. Steph wore some killer leather boots, and Steve lay out flat on the floor to worship them. You had to be there. Anyways, the cabbie wasn't wearing his poppy which pissed off George Harvey so the rest of his evening was basically shot. I on the other hand didn't notice when he took off one song into the set, swayed within the darkened stand up crowd and melted into World Without Tears.

I love LW. I heard from a friend that she might not be doing so well. She's a bit of a train wreck at the moment - according to music insiders - whoever they are. God I hate to hear that. She feels too much. Big mistake baby. Get a heart of stone and paint it black - at least you'll have good hair.

From Miss Lucinda Williams:

The lyrics written by lucinda williams from her World Without Tears album, the song is "Fruits of my Labor" - just one of the reasons that album is in my top 5 desert island records.

Baby, see how I been living
Velvet curtains on the windwos to
Keep the bright and unforgiving
Light from shining through

Baby, I remember all the things we did
When we slept together
In the blue behind your eyelids
Baby, sweet baby

Traced your scent through the gloom
'Til I found these purple flowers
I was spent, I was soon smelling you for hours

Lavender, lotus blossoms too
Water the dirt, flowers last for you
Baby, sweet baby

Tangerines and persimmons
And sugarcane
Grapes and honeydew melon
Enough fit for a queen

Lemon trees don't make a sound
'Til branches bend and fruit falls to the ground
Baby, sweet baby

Come to my wolrd and witness
The way things have changed
'Cause I finally did it, baby
I got out of La Grange

Got in my Mercury and drove out west
Pedal to the metal and my luck to the test
Baby, sweet baby

I been tryin' to enjoy all the fruits of my labor
I been cryin' for you boy but truth is my savior

Baby, sweet baby if it's all the same
Take the glory and day over the fame
Baby, sweet baby

And of course, "Over time"

That's what they all tell me
That's what they say to me
Your blue eyes, your black eyelashes
The way you looked at life
In your funny way
I guess out of the blue
You won't cross my mind
And I'll get over you

Your pale skin, your sexy crooked teeth
The trouble you'd get in
In your clumsy way
I guess one afternoon
You won't cross my mind
And I'll get over you

I guess out of the blue
You won't cross my mind
And I'll get over you

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