Friday, November 28, 2008

Lisa Kogan is one of my favorite human beings...

And though it's only been some cruel twist of fate that I do not know her in the flesh, I will shell out the 6 bucks for an Oprah 'O Magazine' for the very fact that feature writer Lisa Kogan pretty much guarantees me a good laugh. The woman is very "clevah".

In her article "How You (Yes You), Should Live Your Life", she gives 15 super points - I kinda favor these ones,

# 8:
Any man who begins a conversation with, "I don't want to hurt your feelings…" is about to hurt your feelings. It's the kind of phrase that's never followed by, "…but I just don't think you're eating enough. Please have more lasagna while I get you a brownie." Other opening gambits that pretty much scream duck-and-cover include: "Don't take this the wrong way…," "You can feel free to say no…," and the always popular "Look…"

and in my business, #11:
Allow me to demystify the entire real estate market for you: Gracious means ridiculously small. Quaint means a total wreck and ridiculously small. Spacious, airy, luxurious, and grand all mean ridiculously small.

To quote Elmer Fudd, "Be bwave, widdoe wabbit." Take a chance, wear your heart on your sleeve, ask the most attractive man in the room to dance, say what you want, demand what you're entitled to. There's a pretty decent chance that you won't get it, but who will you be if you never even try? Note: Only attempt the dance invitation if there's actual music playing.

Ahh Lisa, thank you.

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