Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Radio 2, I apologize

Months ago I had a post about my disappointment for CBC Radio 2's reformatting. I made a big deal about Radio Host, Tom Allen being reduced to introducing strictly Canadian 'pop' bands like Barenaked Ladies or Bryan Adams. Well, I take it all back. Not only am I listening to CBC Radio 2 on the way to work, but I'm streaming it as I come to and get ready for work.

Tom Allen I love, obviously. He's a smart, witty, good Canadian guy all around. But their playlist is not only interesting, but it's just plain good; concentrating on singer-songwriter roots/rock/folk type music. Despite the Barenaked Ladies song "Jane" that just started (:/), I now know that that I really Matthew Barber and his single "And You Give" from the album On Ghost Notes.

Overall, it's great morning sound. If you ask me. And you know, you never do.

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