Monday, December 29, 2008

The Two-Minute Miracles

With the intervention of a trip to Costco the last Saturday before Christmas with Steve Jones, and CBC Radio 2's "Deep Roots" program, I now am enlightened about the Canadian (Toronto) band, The Two-Minute Miracles. These guys are so under the radar but totally authentic and unwary roots rock.

The video above is of a live performance of "Stall Tactics", which I encourage people to purchase off iTunes, from the album Volume III The Silence of Animals. Weird title, but that's good. I purchased several songs from various recordings of theirs and then burned a CD for Steve for Christmas. This I hope, will push him to set up his iTunes account on his "new" iMac and buy the albums in full. So far, Steve loves these guys.

This video link is of a more polished production; an upbeat sort of tune, which I will also buy, from the album "Lions of Love". Title song from that album is also really good.

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