Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good morning, or should I say, "Whoot Whoot!" ?

This cupcake image says it all. Lagging in blogging because I've been so dang busy having a life, gathering my troops, kissing my cat, sending out resumes, going on interviews, filling my new date book up, typing proposals, reading Hemingway and Didion - oh yes, chatting with ex-ParkLaners who are OVER THE FLIPPIN MOON to be free! Yes, it is amazing how much your daily intake of bad office politics can ruin your life.

So I gotta go now, blow dry my lid and get to my nail appointment and then to another job interview.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Steph. Great things are coming your way, you deserve it!~SN

Anonymous said...

I was having a discussion at work the other day about nails, and somehow your nails came up, and now I need to know are your nails real?


Stephanie said...

Real? Well, real expensive acrylic with gel overlays done by Sally, the Nail Diva!