Monday, January 26, 2009

I thiefed it

from Steve's. Patty Griffin's Flaming Red is one I didn't happen to own but since Steve was busy at his new Mac with Dan and John, I decided just to 'borrow' it. Meanwhile, back in the Sebring, I don't think he's getting it back. He's not the Patty Griffin type anyway. It's girl music.

I've been listening to tracks 2 (One Big Love), 5 (Goodbye), 6 (Carry Me) and my favorite of the album, 7 (Christina).

If you had the real thing how would you tell
Liars can say it all just as well
Every single word you've heard in vain
Baubles of gold, stars in your hair
Reflections that told that they were not there
And the diamonds on your cheeks have turned to flames
And up in the air they would write your name there
But love would fall to pieces in the rain
Who would know better than you
A hundred love letters and none of them true

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.................... said...

i have been a huge PG fan for years... she rocks. look for an older tune called "when it dont come easy", impossible dream album