Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming up for air

After a full work week at the Municipal Hall, I planned to have Mackenzie and Lianne over for a little girl get-together friday night. Lianne brought a bottle of Bitch grenache and Mackenzie came with three amazing cheeses from the gourmet fromage galleria. Yum. This afternoon Lianne and I are off to a Stella and Dot spring soiree in White Rock. I've got my eye on a ring from the new collection.

Then I have to be back here for a Strata Council meeting at 4pm for the biggest meeting of our lives. This discussion is about our beloved willow tree out front. We had a large limb break Christmas Eve because of the heavy snow. The limb was bound to break because of it's horizontal level and the fact it was 'top-heavy". Recently an arbourist recommended our tree should be cut down, removed entirely! Egad kill me now. I had a master landscape architect chime in on the matter and she suggested a major pruning. I don't think I'd want to live here without my weeping willow tree. I so love this willow and it is so important to my sanity in this apartment. So please send good willow tree thoughts my way.

Next Saturday is Valentimes - I know it's Valentine's but I like to mock. For this extra special day, Marni and I are heading to the River Rock Casino to see Chelsea Handler live! I'm so stoked. That's a perfect way to spend Valentimes - with your best girlfriend who's a riot, making fun and mocking lovebirds with the help of Chelsea Handler. We'll buy our own chocolates thank you very much.

61 Seconds - Chelsea Handler from Leigh Fatzinger on Vimeo.

Akon On Chelsea Lately from Bintoutv on Vimeo.

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