Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh yeah Jerry, talk to me!

I'm working on a casual basis at the District of West Vancouver and not only loving it, but believe it - or not - I'm very happy at the moment. Amazing that I won't be accepting the gold award for North Shore's Most Depressed. Oh well.

One of the gals who works within my department is part time - her other part time gig is as an editor at Geist. We had a mutual laugh over the use of the word "irregardless" last week. And as my thoughts went back to the hideously dull and dank past, I exhaled with the thought of the popularity of the non-word at ParkLane Homes. Marketing Manager number 1 and 2 shamelessly and most ignorantly inserted it throughout their limp arguments and pitches for desperate initiatives and dull campaigns for overpriced real estate. Ha!

On that note, let me shout out some love to my dear nephew Jared in California and bless his dear heart for emailing me today. This is what he wrote:

New word- Disregardless - My boss dropped this gem in our meeting this morning. He often says "Irreguardless" which makes me very happy.

I'm training them quite well. Something I was never able to do at ParkLane because laughing at them and allowing them to roll around in their ignorance amused me far too much.

Hey, I hope you've all purchased Morrissey's new album today. Don't be dull.

I may not get to posting anything until after Sunday. Saturday afternoon Lianne and I attend "The Art of the Short Review" workshop. My hope is that I can write out the play-by-play of Valentimes Day 2009 with Marni and Chelsea.

Turns out, Marni shares the same birthday as Chelsea Handler. What are the flippin odds?

I hate that the two of them basically bi-passed the 70's. For that is sad news.

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Dan W Johnson said...

Nice leg shot in your profile photo...resombe