Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Recently my mother related a story about me that I was completely unaware of. Almost a week later I am still compelled to reflect upon it.

The story was about the very first "report card" I brought home from Kitchener Elementary School. My teacher described me as a child who although well-behaved, was apprehensive, particularly shy, hesitant and unsure with the other children. Such an account stunned my mother and she thought "My God, this teacher's mixed up my kid - she must be talking about another little girl! That's not Stephanie!"

The school teacher's assessment alarmed my mother and prompted a one-on-one meeting to discuss this unfamiliar child. There my mom insisted "You can't be describing Stephanie? She runs the neighbourhood - you should see her, she's in charge of all the lane!"

I've been bewildered and intrigued by this and now after a few days of thinking about it, I have realized that the little girl I think of myself being is the child the teacher identified in that first report card. With that image of myself as a child, I grew up and made my way through the world.

I don't remember the legend of that other little girl - the outgoing and confident one who ran the lane behind Napier Street. I think she may have disappeared down the lane on her way to Kindergarten. Nervous, hesitant, fearful, awkward, shy.


Dan W Johnson said...

Same, I ran the neighbourhood as well and all the kids played in our yard. "Daniel would be a better student if he would apply himself."

By grade four I had become class clown but eventually I retreated back into my shell...

Lianne said...

"Lianne is a pleasure to have in the class, though she has a tendency to talk too much and distract others" Some things never change!