Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Gotta Get My Blog On!

Lately I've neglected Mainstream Melancholy - but for good reason.  I won't go into the reason right at the moment but I want to write a few things around Blogs. 

There are so many lovely blogs online that it very often brings out the competitive edge that lies dormant within me.  For example, today while on Dan's painting post, I found a comment by Lenore Nevermore.  What a top-notch site - and I can't really say why.  I guess I'd say she's kinda edgy, fashion conscious, animal loving and she seems to not take herself completely seriously. She's got a good eye for design and she writes with wit.  

Another one via Lenore's site, is Kissing Her Cage Good-bye - who can't relate to that? Wonderfully visual.  

That's the key here for me.  Recently someone asked me, "What's your blog about?" after I'd given her one of my Moo cards.   Geesh! I thought.   What the hell IS my blog about??? 

In some aspects, I believe I'm doing some sort of mental imaging - like wishful scrapbooking. But sometimes I just like to pull a scrap; like how despicable the Canadian Seal Hunt is or how flippin outrageous our Canadian Human Rights Commission is.  By the way, Ezra Levant is my fricken hero - and a good friend of Rick Mercer's too I might add. I thank GOD for his simple intelligence (or not so common intelligence) and courage (or ballsyness) for his writing and publishing his new book, SHAKEDOWN - Government Undermining Democracy Rights. Here! Here! 

Okay, where the hec was I? Oh yeah, the definition of this here blog is an illusive pursuit my friends. It is ever changing and sometimes it goes to sleep and sometimes it makes absolutely no sense. BUT, it does have some interesting links - I'm particularly fond of my friends like Lianne, Dan and Hartwick but also I love the decorating and design ones I've come across and added to my link list.   Have you seen Absolutely Beautiful Things for instance? Or SFGirlByBay? These are a few of my favorite things.   

My aim is not to hijack these talents, but I'm sure off to being inspired by them and a few new ones along the way, well, they just make the internet a fun place to be. It's heaps cheaper than paying for stacks of magazines - a previous addiction I overcame.  


Gaylene said...

You totally crack me up. Love it.

Gish said...

I have to get some Moo cards. And I *love* the photograph.