Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Photo Walk, Village of Finn Slough

Today I ventured out to a weird little place few would find charming. But I do. I like old and forgotten. I like it when there's no one around. Today unfortunately we did see some other humans milling about, including a crew of Chinese photographers with fancy equipment. I however, only had my pink Sony Cybershot. Oh well. I pumped up some of my shots with iPhoto tools.

The sleepy and decaying village of Finn Slough has been repeatedly photographed, it is a tiny Fraser River fishing community located at the south end of No. 4 Road in Richmond. About 30 residents who live in wooden houses both floating and built on stilts along the marshy river bank, man of the buildings were built between the late 1800s and 1950s and many have decayed severely, while some have been carefully restored. Finn Slough was founded by Finnish settlers who came to Richmond in the 1880s. Most of these residents made a good living from fishing and ended up as local landowners.

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Dan W Johnson said...

Fancy cameras..who needs them? Nice work!