Friday, April 3, 2009

"When I grow up, I want to be Karen Walker"

When I confessed this to Steve Jones on the phone last night, he said "Ah, I think you already are."

Now that Jack and Karen are on every night at 7pm, I have to be home to get my daily laugh in. AND practice my imitation of my hero, Karen Walker.

But how I long for a partner-in-crime - by that I mean Jack. Yes, my life is empty without him.


Dan W Johnson said...

Hah! "There we go, nice and cold!" She's awesome, her and Rose from Two and a Half Men could have a show together...

Lianne said...

But instead the powers that be created a new show for her, starring alongside two blonde dingbats. They all are moms and it's about the trials and tribulations...yeahyeahyeah...Are the networks not watching "New Adventures of Old Christine"? It's already being done -- and quite well. I don't want Karen as a mom -- with all her tippling (that's for you Dan) she'd lose more than her kid.