Friday, June 12, 2009

Put your money where you heart is. Please

The horrific story on the cruelty to rabbits in Richmond is absolutely sickening to me. The story was covered recently because of the exploding population of these little guys in Richmond and in particular Minoru Park. If you love animals of any kind - you understand their defenseless condition. The Urban Rabbit Refuge is desperate for support. Thank God for the work and love of Suzan Rodrigue, founder of Richmond's Urban Rabbit Refuge.

The Urban Rabbit Refuge is funded by private donations. Please help us continue our work with these gentle creatures. Your donations are what keeps us running and they are desperately needed to help pay our medical costs. We are currently seeking charitable status so that we would be able to provide tax receipts in the near future. We presently have two options available to make a donation.

1. Send your donation (cheque or money order) to the Santuary's new address:
The Urban Rabbit Refuge
PO Box 16
Glen Robertson, ON
K0B 1H0

2. Donations can be made directly to our Veterinarians.

Dr Joseph Martinez
Green Cross Veterinary Services
[By appointment only]
Telephone: (604) 731-9416

Arbutus West Animal Clinic
2809 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6K 3C5
Telephone : (604) 736-6701

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