Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bud's going to the Doctor's this morning

Fuzz-face is going to see his doctor which he hasn't had to see in years. He's giving signs of having a urinary infection - peeing OUTSIDE the dirt box, not eating properly and obsessed with 'certain' body parts. Geesh. I hope he's just going in for a quick inspection and diagnosis. I can't stand having to put the little guy under stress. But I can't have him in discomfort either. He goes to a place called "All About Cats" - which is good. No noisy dogs to scare them. Just a bunch of laid back cats. Maybe he'll get a pedicure while he's there. The staff is in for a real treat with Mr Miserable. But what a cutie pie.


Lianne said...

OMG I just want to smoosh his little grumpy face. Hope he's ok. Hem had a urinary tract infection later in his life and it was no bid deal. Just a pill a day for about two weeks and he was peeing in the right place again.

David Opdyke said...

My "elderly" cat was peeing inappropriately. Docs couldn't find anything (Sweety didn't make it easy for them, either, I'm sure). Next step was top cut her open, they said. Took her to a different vet, who said switch her to distilled water and give her the Purina One urinary tract formula... cleared her up in a few days.

- djo