Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life of a Married Woman

My recent edition of Geist had a story entitled "The Secret Market", which caught my eye because of the photo in the middle of it. It was an old black and white of a woman from maybe the 1960's peering through a movie camera, with a hand-written message across it which read, "I got back with my ex because I needed editing software." Are not secrets more delicious when shared anonymously? Of course they are! Frank Warren is the brain and creator behind PostSecret, his online project of postcards sent to him anonymously with someone's unhinged secret. I suppose unloading a secret is therapeutic, but really, there are few secrets I care to know about, however I think the orphic message of getting back with your ex because he's got some superior software is deliciously intriguing. I really don't know if it's all that bad of a concept, after all, who among us hasn't compromised with our love relationships - or lack of them.

Meanwhile it's Sunday and tonight the 3rd season of Mad Men airs - the greatest show on television. I confess that my own compromises have left me wondering what would be so bad to be Betty Draper. That stunning life veneer of ambition, love, home and garden - with its crumbling failure on the interior. Staggering handsome, lying, cheating and misrepresenting husband - that's the trade off. But man it sure looks gorgeous from the outside doesn't it?


Gish said...

Ohhhhhhm, Don Draper.

Now *there's* a man. I don't care what anyone says about his philandering, or dark secrets. He is all man. Well, the character is.

I am addicted to that show. It's my new crack.

p.s AWESOME fridges. I want a baby blue one.

Stephanie said...

Ditto on Don Draper, Mad Men and Blue Smeg!