Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday's To Do

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I gotta keep track of a a few things today while the sun is streaming in and the Fall chill is in the air.
Chris is moving today. I'll let the guys do the heavy lifting - since I'm more the type to help him set up his kitchen and unpack dishes or hang pictures and rearrange the furniture.

I'm on my way to Soda to get my lid done, another 200 quid, then I HAVE to find the frame for the certificate being presented to Gordon Smith at Monday night's Council Meeting. Not too much pressure?!

At 4pm I'll jet over to the Ambleside fields for Federal infrastructure funding announcement with the District. Then wrap a gift and out with neighbours to a real house-warming gathering for ex-Georgian Manor residents. I'm excited to see their new house since when you live in a condo for so long you develop serious house envy. I'm thrilled for them, just as I'm happy for my brother getting into a new place - a work project actually.

Tomorrow I'll drop him off some fall flower pot for the front porch - maybe a pumpkin too. Gotta leave the blogger site now. Procrastination begins at home.

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