Thursday, March 4, 2010

Canadian Tradition: Tim Hortons, & Free Coffee

For whatever reason many Canadians are Tim Horton's junkies. My mom for instance. The Tim Horton's phenomenon is somewhat disturbing to me. I mean, really, I can put my own cream or sugar in my own coffee - please don't go all Nazi on me and take over this simple task for me. Right now the "Roll Up the Rim to Win" campaign is on.

McDonald's in retaliation, is offering a small coffee for free. And that's another thing - McDonald's coffee?#$&*%(@ Give me a break. They should be paying me to drink that stuff. Shockingly, McDonald's is providing the "official coffee" of New York Fashion Week in a bid to boost its image among fashionistas. Egad!

Rolling up a rim at Tim Horton's and the free java at McDonalds - I don't know. I'm with Anna Wintour, I'm still going to Starbucks.

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