Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Old Style

So many of my fondest memories growing up involve playing music. My parents would have great house parties in the 1970's and even the early 1980's. They always involved a lot of record playing. My dad is a devout music lover - he terms it "great music" - like a specific category. But my parents listened to a ton of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Streisand and the Richard Harris album, A Tramp Shining. Dance parties always broke out. Furniture was moved, and the parties went on past 2:00 AM.

When my mom recently sold her North Vancouver home, she scaled down and unloaded an old cabinet turntable stereo. Inside the cabinet which she used as a second buffet in her dining room, was a stack of our old records. I think she was going to just give them to the person who was buying it from her. EGAD! I snatched them up and I hold them dear. But, of course, I haven't anything to play them on. There are some interesting options out there for sure, but I can't stand bad design and ugliness disguised as 'retro' just wont do. Like this monstrosity:

I guess it all depends on your space and your style, but really, who can resist this?

Since I'm an Apple Macintosh person, I'm very impressed with this solution for my tiny place. Introducing the Linos Portable Record Player by designer Charlie Pyott. It's totally innovative, simple and modern, outfitted with USB and A/V ports.

I think I'm sold.

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