Sunday, May 29, 2011

Secret Gardens

I received one of the nicest messages by email the other day. It was from my beautiful friend Aubrey, who has moved to London, England with her beau. Lucky for her, sad for us who miss having her here in Vancouver.

"I had a dream you came to London and gave me a pretty garden last night - window boxes and all. I have been wanting some window boxes for quite some time, and clearly my conscience picked you as the best candidate for the job. :) How's your pretty patio coming along? Wish we could share a glass of vino on it tonight. xx"

Isn't that lovely? Of course I would adore being in London and making up some window boxes and a wee welcome garden at the front steps to her flat. It would be so brilliant. Well we've struggled to have any sort of Spring here on the Wet Coast of British Columbia. In fact, as of today, we haven't experienced a whole 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The rain has been relentless and people are picking up Irish accents.

I planted my Spring patio up at the beginning of April. Whenever I'm feeling down or depressed, the cure is a drive up to Lynn Valley's Maple Leaf Garden Centre. I can meander around there for an hour and purchase a flat of annuals and a few new perennials like lavender (that never seems to thrive on the south facing balcony for whatever reason), and I'm serene as a lake.

I emailed Aubrey back and sent along a few photos of the Spring balcony, which is begging for some warm sun. I also found a few websites that specialise in balcony gardening. One specially for window boxes too!
Window Box Ideas Blogspot
Little Red House Blogspot
And I found THIS PHOTO on Flickr, which included a furry Lola!

And yesterday morning listening to CBC's Radio One program North By Northwest, the garden guests were fabulous
Their blogs included Heavy Petal and Everyday Eden

And for more inspiration in general, you have to check out Victoria Smith's SFGirlbybay Flickr site

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