Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homes, sweet homes

No, unfortunately, this is NOT my pad. I'm working on my digital dream-board thus the images below. I have some serious issues to work through and they include winning the Lotto.

But a bit of luck last night - I enjoyed a lovely evening with a lovely gal who has just realized her house-owning dream. She is a very successful single mom and has worked her but off furthering her education and working her way through the job chain. And now, she has been able to purchase a spacious place of her own.

Looking for your first real estate acquirement is not always easy. I practically fell into my current cubby hole, but Michelle on the other hand, has been looking for a long time. Home prices in this town are totally ridiculous obviously, but when you have a young son to think about as well, and you're on your own, well, you can only imagine the stretch you have to go to. I'm so happy for her because she is thoroughly thrilled with her new home. It's so amazing to have the kind of space she has and the kitchen is her favourite place to be. She's the equivalent to a wine somalia, as a self-taught chef. Her cooking creations are legendary and now she has designed a perfect space, complete with stainless steel appliances and gorgeous granite countertops. It is so lovely! Congratulations Michelle!

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