Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Dears

Love this little piece of prose. Wish I would have written it. From one of my favourite blogs, S W E E T P E A, Little Dears

dear summer, hurry up, i've been dreaming about you all day.
dear mini eggs, i am so so so glad they decided to make you year-round.
dear valentines day, i hate you because there are too many couples wandering through campus halls holding hands.
dear starbucks, your coffee is the absolute worst.
dear brain, please do not forget everything you have studied today, okay?
dear cellphone, i am getting tired of you lately.
dear ex boyfriend, i really hope you sent my things like you said you would...
dear horoscopes, you suck lately.
dear sleep, please come back to me.
dear everyone, bring me food! i am craving onion rings... why?
dear bicycle lock key, reappear.
dear sky, i want to lay in a field and stare at you for hours.
dear home, you feel nice lately.
dear kijiji, is it possible to post a boyfriend advertisement?

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