Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get-HER done

For a few days now I've been going around trying to understand a new tv purchase. One guy friend went with me yesterday, but we didn't find anything fabulous sale wise, nor did we really know what brand to buy - just looking at 40" - 42" screens, while finding that magic combination 1080p/ 120H.

At the end of the day yesterday, I called my YOUNGER brother and he said he'd meet me at some place called Open Box on Marine Drive in Vancouver at 10:30 AM. So this morning I hook up my Garmin GPS and make my way over there for 10:30 a.m. on the dot.

No Christopher.

I call him.

Chris: "Oh - are you there?"

Me: "Yes Chris, I'm here. Where are you? "

Chris: "I'm at home."

Me: "Great."

The sketchy Open Box place wasn't even open yet, so I drove over to next door to Visions. Met a nice chap to assist me in narrowing down my hi-tech decision.  Largely based on brand loyalty.

Dreadful time for me to be purchasing something like this. Anyways, who among us can do without a tv? I live alone. Well - there's BudBud. But he's not much of a conversationalist. Obviously.

So I've purchased the Sony Bravia - without any help from the chumps I know.

Got in in the car and out of the car and up my 3 storey walk-up apartment.

Out of the box, stand put together, plugged in to the wall, hooked up cable. Cannon understand if I need the little digital box thingy that I had for the ancient tv.

I cannot figure out how to hook up the Sony home theatre. Yet.

While in the Initial Setup mode, the screen says "Channels Found - Analog: 36 Digital: 56. Please allow 30+ minutes to complete.  How bloody boring this process is.

There are a lot of wires from the home theatre speakers. I've worked through this, like I work through EVERYTHING else.

Oh - when the tv finally begins to emanate jazz music, I press the arrow button to continue. Viola.

Large flat screen television in flat.


Happy now fellas?


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh boy, between being tangled in wires and programming mishaps that have resulted in many extra hours of inputting i know exactly your frustration with tech a/v stuff. love the big screen though, my boyf actually used to work for Sony. it's an excellent product, good choice for sure.

thanks for stopping by my space Stephanie, hilarious you came over from Sugarbox, Jane is one of my besties and i've known most of the girls there for years. do you go to any of their get-togethers? they just had a clothing swap last week which was a blast. maybe i'll see you around, very nice to meet a fellow Van city girl. happy (rainy) weekend! tuck in and keep bundled. ♥

Stephanie said...

Thanks Lynn! I'm a North Shore cult member so I haven't gone to Sugarbox. I'm trying to do more Vancity things since I love the city. Love the idea of the clothing swap. I love your blog - it's so authentic and YVR.
Tutto Bene!