Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Cool, Cool, Kids

The awesome things you get from listening to one of Vancouver's best humans, the indelible Mr. Mark Busse, as he introduces a CreativeMornings Vancouver guest.

He talks about things you want to know about.

Like last month, he mentioned that the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada BC Chapter was featuring this awesome guy, veteran graphic designer, Aaron Draplin, was giving his presentation "Tall Tales From A Large Man".

At the back of the room on Friday morning at W2 Media Arts Cafe where the CreativeMornings Vancouver congregates once per month, there was this large man in a rust coloured jacket, a big beard and baseball cap. When you see this guy in the flesh, you're immediately drawn to him - he's got a vibration around him that radiates and you think, "who is that guy?"

Although I didn't see him speak the night before, and I didn't get to chat with him at CMV, I gave Aaron James Draplin the Googler the last few days. And now, well, I've got another hero to confirm that cool, smart, funny, talented people really do exist and that you just have to seek them out. This video is one of my favourite Aaron Draplin philosophy. He's so bang on and I love him. Just his accent alone makes me want to drive down to Portland and squeeze his face. What a unique guy.

And this is also why I love this guy. Here are a few of his creations.

Aaron's Minnesota Print. All things he loves about Minnesota. Cool hey?

Then there's this...

And this...

And more here, and to go buy, on the DDC website. And treasure. And hoard.

If you wanna get inspired, check out his "creative manifesto" and take note of his 50 things he lives by.

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