Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another exciting night at the DNC

Yesterday I called my dad and asked him if he wanted to watch Bill and Joe at my place - I'm a geek and while I was on the phone chatting about times, like how many hours ahead is Denver and is Bill Clinton starting before we get home from work, etc? the new girl in Marketing snuck up behind me with a mini-sticky note that said "It's at 6:30pm". Thankfully a fellow geek! I looked over at her with a big smile and we gushed over American politics after I hung up with Garry. She's actually cancelled a date so she can watch Barack Obama Thursday. Very cool.

Now about Joe Biden. I completely retract my remark from 2 days ago. Dad has been all over this guy for two months - so he says. He "predicted" Joe Biden would be chosen. What his talk did for me last night is prove you can't judge a book by its cover. I thought he was going to go all White-Born-Again Christian. That's just the way he appears. But when you understand what kind of a man he really is, well, you realize there's an amazing decency and a man with tremendous principles. He's a great family man - there's no doubt about that. He is without airs. He loves his country. I think he's going to make a fabulous running mate. As his family came out to the stage after, dad and I thought that his family is representative of many families in America. And how cute is his mom?!?! I loved how Michelle Obama shed tears over Beau Biden's retelling of the tragic loss in their family - we all can understand what this family has endured. Who hasn't had loss? Well, to lose your wife and daughter is really a horrific reality. But Joe Biden had two little boys left to take care of; and by all accounts, he embraced that duty.

Don't even get me started on our man Bill Clinton - as dad said, "He's the most beguiling son-of-a-bitch I've ever seen" - he says this with pure love - Garry's next comment is, "I wish he was running again."

I think I found the video with the most "cheese" - but I have to say, it really does its job. Yeah, I'm shedding a tear - you bet I am.

It's 6:47am and I have to get moving. The thing is tonight. I haven't seen Aubrey, Lianne and Marni for a while - us cube-de-ville chicks haven't gotten together for a while. Tonight we have plans to meet for drinks and snacks at The Keg Hornby. They better be prepared for me to be near a tv to see Obama. I just can't miss it.

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