Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't call me when Mad Men is on.

The Grey Line agrees that Mad Men is the best thing on telee today. I can't wait to watch it and if my phone rings during an episode, I can get crazy - more enraged than when someone dares to call me during Coronation Street.

And if anything, I've found a new mentor. Joan Holloway.


faceless said...

I have a google alert for 'coronation street' as I run a site which provides downloads of the show, so I checked this page and was impressed by the amount of detail you've put into your profile - blimey!

all the best from someone who's almost your complete opposite.. haha

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate for me I'm currently outside the States, so I have to get my dose of Mad Men not by the tube but by other means. ;) The wait for tonight's episode is excruciatingly longer.

Thanks for the link. I see I do have readers after all.