Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Would Gordon Downie Do?

I think men should wear hats more often.

I found this Flickr site with Pemberton Festival photos. This shot of Gordon Downie is perfect.

I just need to clarify one thing though. I'm waaaaay too old to have gone to the Pemby Festival. Yeah I know a bunch of cool bands were just an hour and a half a way from my front door in the gorgeous Pemberton Valley, but I don't even have the desire to do such a three-day trek. Camping, hoards of 20-year-old Facebook-addict-Jagermeister-drinkin (out of a DOT skull cap), and standing in line to use a public Johnny-On-The-Spot. I don't think so.

But it is terribly true that I would have had a real bad case of boy-craziness in seeing the man above, Gord Downie of The Hip and this man:

But I have to say, Gord is really my favorite. He knows how to wear a hat and cut his facial hair. Those are two talents I really appreciate. Oh yeah, that and really stylin foot wear. Men rarely get that right. If you're a guy and you have Birkenstocks or Crocs hanging in a shoe-tree in your closet - then just go ahead and kill yourself right now. There's really no point in waiting until you're sporting white polyester slacks that come up to your breast-bone. Really. I mean it. That's dreadful.

Please ask yourself "What Would Gordon Do?" I'd bet my mom to the Arabs he wouldn't put that footwear on. He's wearin Dayton's baby.

So here it is: Hat yes, Crocs No. Toque yes, Birkenstocks No. It's really quite simple.

Please - Ash & Dan- I'm going to need you to chime in on this fashion sos. Hats? Oui? Birkenstocks - Definitely No. 


John Hartwick said...

I think you're a little out of step on the Birkenstock thing. I don't really see how they are related to white poly pants up to your chest. You can find several pictures of grannys wearing Dayton's if you like. Birkenstocks have been helping flat footed people (like myself) be able to walk in the summer without cripleling pain for years, and I for one thank them for it. Aim higher, you can't get much lower. ;-p

Dan W Johnson said...

Not much of a fan of Crocs or Uggs, I posted a blog about that weeks ago. Birkenstocks, OK--they're just not for me... my Dad loves them though, with socks but somehow it suits him.
As for hats, I'm a fan but it seems to me that if you're going to wear anything but a baseball cap you better be prepared to wear it fairly regularly as it makes quite a fashion statement (unless you're right into Ska)...and Justin Timberlake kind of ruined it for everyone. I used to wear cowboy hats back in the olden days...straw and felt, I even knew my stuff-- Resistol, Stetson and how they were made...