Sunday, August 24, 2008

The recent DVD rental

There's a lot of crap DVDs and I can hone in on the worst of them. But this recent one turned out to be really entertaining. The Blue State is good because there's no Tom Cruise in it. I'm totally done with mainstream celebrities. It's just no longer believable what they do on film. I can't watch Brad Pitt anymore either. There's a ton of these types that are ruining my life for movies.  I can't take it. 

In this quiet, alternative flick, Anna Paquin's portrayal, is as usual, fantastic.  But I have to say the main character played by relative unknown Breckin Meyer, was the real charmer in this one.  You just had to like the guy.  

I really enjoyed this one - however, though I've never visited Winnipeg, I'm sure it can't be as backwards and populated by beer-swilling, flannel-wearing irritants who's only other past time is hanging out at the local curling rink. It just can't be that bad. Surely.

Rent The Blue State. 

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