Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jane Austen you are my favorite writer

I'm a Jane Austen freak.  When A&E featured the Pride and Prejudice mini-series over ten years ago, I was obsessed with every episode. I couldn't wait until the next night's segment. I purchased the video box set from A & E directly after and still look for a DVD version to pick up. I know - what retard has VHS videos anymore? Moi - for the little tv in my bedroom. There's nothing better on a raining Sunday morning than tucking in and watching hours and hours of Colin Firth in 18th Century garb. Believe me, in 1995 I was truly in love with him and thought there might be a chance I could move to London, track him down and, yes, become Mrs. Darcy.  

About two months back I rented Becoming Jane and could have watched it three times over.  THAT is how in love with the time I am.  And though I've said mainstream actors and actresses are ruining my life, this film was packed with some big stars.  They were, however, English.  Big difference.  You may have seen Maggie Smith in a million different films, but how could you possibly not find her utterly convincing?! I couldn't begin to review this film properly, so try this link for an overview.

The thing is, language is the lost art. When I read Jane Austen or watch a Jane Austen adaptation, I feel as though I could have lived during those times and I hate the modern world that I live in even more. It's extreme, I know, but that's how I really feel. Where is my time machine?

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