Monday, September 1, 2008

The best city in the world

I scammed this great shot of Dan from John Hartwick. Sorry Hartwick - but I couldn't resist.

They're all back safely and they've had the absolute time of their lives. Anyways, New York, thanks for taking care of these folks for those incredible 5 days. They took away more than a good time. They got to see how a real city operates.

I have to take more time to vent out our brief conversations from today about what an amazing place NYC is and how we are severely lacking here in Vancouver - or Canada for that matter. For example, Dan said that the service every place they went, was over-the-top first rate. He told the servers at the various spots "You did a great job." Dan worked in the food service industry for years, manager of a restaurant and a pub, so he knows when they've got it going on. He was blown away with New York's people and the level of their work ethic. He said when he complimented these people, they don't seem to even understand what you're talking about. They're just doing their job. But come to Vancouver and see the flip side of service and efficiency.

Warning: Major Oncoming Rant

One of their taxi cab rides with "the handsome cabbie" brought out a point. The handsome taxi cab driver is doing his degree (what was he taking at NYU?) and working of course at the same time. His comment to Dan was that Vancouver has a lot of bums. He meant bums, not like dumpster-diver old guys with beards and wearing rags, he meant bums - like you're a bum - you don't do anything - you're lazy. And you know he was bang on.

It would seem that New York people have a higher standards for themselves. In Vancouver, we seem to have an over-abundance of young 'adults' with their grunge dregs, tatoos, piercings and of course their dog, on the street asking for your cash. So why doesn't New York have this many of them? I don't think most Vancouverites want to face that truth.

And Sam Sullivan - take a vacation - go to NYC and pull your head out of your ass before we host those damn Winter Olympics. It's going to be REALLY EMBARRASSING when a New Yorker finds themselves unable to hail a cab and then call for a cab, wait 30-45 minutes only to get some guy who barely speaks English say "Oh sorry, I don't drive to North Shore."

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