Monday, September 1, 2008


This evening I watched good-ol Bryant Gumbel hosting The National Health Test. It's a fantastic program and you realize there is a very real crisis going on with people's health in North America. It's certainly not an American issue because Canadians aren't exactly taking care of their health and maintaining their weight either. Lately I feel extremely tired - for no apparent reason. I'm a slug lately.

I took the test and answered the questions as honestly as possible. I received a higher score than I think I deserve. I never drink soda - but I make up for it with wine :(. I get home after work and the last thing I even want to think about is getting out and walking briskly for 30 minutes. Really pathetic. So I have to change my priorities and make a commitment. I need to adjust a few things. Taking the test is a great start - if you answer honestly. I think the questions are very simple, however, you need to be really honest.

National Health Test

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