Sunday, September 28, 2008

Howards End

This afternoon driving back from my brother's place I remembered a movie I hadn't seen in years. Howards End. A great Ivory Merchant film from 1992. So I drove by Rogers to get it. No such luck. They don't even have it in their inventory. So I drove to Blockbastards. Same thing - they don't even have it, but at least the girl behind the counter was a little more helpful than the drip at Rogers who didn't even know what I was speaking of. She gave me the name of a place in Lower Londsdale called of all things, "Schlocbusters". So I called them when I got home - they also don't have it - they suggested Planet Video on 1st. You must know what the answer was there. So I'm posting the trailer of the movie. Tomorrow I'll schlep up to HMV and hopefully find a copy to purchase. In the meantime I'll dig out my E.M Forster book. That is, if I can locate it.

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John Hartwick said...

Videomatica, West 4th. Any movie you would ever want.