Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday morning movie

This morning one of the best films is on; The Natural.

I'm a girl who has never played baseball or softball in my life. I used to be subjected to the odd game in high school, but I would creep back in the line behind the fence so I could avoid going to bat. So what could I find remotely interesting about a movie about baseball? Well, this is no ordinary baseball flick. The Natural was a novel written by Bernard Malamud in 1952, which was in turn based loosely on the 1930's semi pro Eddie Waitkus who is shot in the chest by a deranged female fan.

The beginning of the film, is confusing as we see Barbara Hershey meeting Robert Redford in a New York hotel room. She asks him something in cryptic fashion, and then shoots him in the chest. We believe he's dead. The next scene Roy Hobbs is walking through the tunnel into Knights Stadium to introduce himself as the new team player to Pops Fisher (Wilfred Brimley) and Red Blow (Richard Farnsworth). Much to the chagrin of Pops, the middle-aged Roy Hobbs holds a contract to play. Pops ignores him and keeps him benched for weeks, whilst the other players doom game after game. When Pop finally calls Hobbs up, he strikes out the first time and then, it happens. He literally clears the ball out of its skin. A brilliant scene that makes you want to stand up.

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Dan W Johnson said...

I did a couple of blogs about The Natural. Not only the best baseball movie of all time but one of the best movies period. My eyes well up every time he hits that homer into the lights...and I know he's going to do it ...