Monday, October 20, 2008

Blasphemy at Lynn Valley Centre

Later in the afternoon Dan, Steve, Steve's son Robbie and I went up to the mall in Lynn Valley to find funny Halloween costume items. When we walked down toward Winners and the Dollar Store (where nothing is a dollar), I was horrified by this display:

You know, imitating a crucifix with a skeleton is just so vile. I can't believe the mall actually allowed this. It's blatant blasphemy if you ask me. Pathetic and I think the property management company is going to receive a letter of complaint. There are a few new retailers in that mall - where the women are wearing head scarves and I'm just wondering if there was a display put up of Mohammed laden in cobwebs and invoking evil and death, what would the reaction be? Probably all over the local papers. Shame on you Lynn Valley Centre. This ruined my lovely day.

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