Monday, November 10, 2008

Grant Baldwin is PHONTAINE

I worked on Saturday to help out at one of the showhomes in Heritage Woods. In exchange, I have today, Monday off. On the way home in the dark just after 6pm, driving along the quiet Barnet Hwy that hugs the inlet from Port Moody to Burnaby, I was listening to CBC Radio 2 and this catchy song came on. It was Sunny Day by local Vancouver music project Phontaine. Before the song ended I took note of the time and thought once I got home I'd check the CBC Playlist Web Site and find out what it was - there was no need because Tim Tamashiro, Tonic's host, plugged it immediately 'If you don't have any Phontaine, go out and buy an album - it's great music to have..." I was rummaging into my purse, nearly driving off the road for my ballpoint and note pad to scribble it down. Once home on Saturday night I purchased the album in which Sunny Day appears, Bibliotec. I wouldn't declare myself as a fan of electronic music, but I have to say, this got my attention.

This unofficial Phontaine video is of the final song on that album. I can't seem to find Sunny Day, but this entire album is pretty addictive at the moment. The tracks "Fin" and "One Day At A Time" are my favorites so far. It's all lush and luxuriant.

Grant Baldwin is Phontaine and the music is grade A.

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