Monday, November 10, 2008

yes, another Irish film

Directed by Neil Jordan, the film adaptation of "The Butcher Boy" is a picture I've wanted to see for years - since it first came out in the theatre in 1997 in fact. But I never made it to the theatre and I never took it out from Rogers Video, today however, I withdrew it from the new City Library. I love that place. I could spend hours in the new library if it weren't for their obsession with having the thermostat up past 90 degrees. The building is encased in glass and it's like being in a bloody greenhouse.

The Butcher Boy is a dark story of disfunction and childhood struggle - perfect for myself. I think I was drawn to it today because of last evening's conversation surrounding the incredible attractiveness of Gabriel Byrne, a fellow Irishman who melts me heart. Anyways, tonight, if I stick to my guns, I'll be in to finally enjoy it.

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