Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a Highly Sensitive Person...and I'm okay with that.

In the past few days I've realized some pretty significant things about myself. More importantly, I'm coming to terms with them. First, I work for the devil; second, I need to do something creative, as my mom says, work with passion and then it's not work; and third, I'm a highly sensitive person. And this Test proves it.

So finding this great website for folks like me was like hearing Janis Ian's single At Seventeen for the first time. I knew I qualified. It's called Highly Sensitive Power, empowering highly sensitive people through curiosity, creativity, and community.

I know the readers of this blog will find it tragically interesting.


GraceK said...


Thank you for drawing my attention to your beautiful and interesting site by mentioning my site in this post. I'm delighted by the gems I'm finding here.

(And I'm waving to you across the Burrard inlet from my desk in Vancouver's East End.)

~ Grace Kerina

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Dear Grace, Wow, I came across you as a result of Carrie & Danielle's site. Thank you, I'm honoured with your visit and your compliments. Thank you!

Erika Harris said...

The fact that you're okay with your high sensitivity sets the beautiful example for those around you to be okay with it, too. And if they're not, they can alway s-t-e-p! LOL!

Tender Hugs,
from a fellow-HSP,

.................... said...

sensitive? jesus. thats why when we gat hurt or have our hearts broken it takes so long to heal!