Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Blogger!

It was January 6, 2006 when I began my blog. The blog Mememois, was supposed to be a play on words since at the time I was getting email "meme" chains and the term kinda captivated me. That's what the blog was about - a concept to spread via the internet, like a inside joke. It was by me - thus "me-me-moi" - the later being French for "me". And then of course it sounded like "memoir". Does any of this make sense?

Anyways, it was long after when I had come up with a new name for mememois.blogspot.com - "Airborne Confessions", which I have to say, I'm still pretty partial to.

Then, in true Stephanie Kiernan fashion, I got bored. The old, original html Blogger template didn't give me enough flexibility with my "expression". So I recreated my blog, opening up a newer template, still with Blogspot (though I know Typepad and Wordpress are probably superior - I ain't that clever).

I've always loved the word "melancholy". To me, it's never held a negative connotation. Melancholy meant reflection, it meant longing for the past and perhaps it's dipped with a tinge of wanting to go back to something that is most definitely lost, but not forgotten. Mainstream is something that's funny - because I HATE mainstream. So there's my inside joke - with the use of fabulous alliteration.

So no, it's not as uninspired and depressingly hopeless as "Miserable and Melancholy" - it is the evolution of one girl's blog where stories of pop culture, music, writing, politics, Canadiana, sad tales, Morrissey worship and reflection find their way onto other people's lap tops, Blackberries, iMacs and, alright, perhaps a Dell PC or two.

Happy anniversary to my blog. I'm so glad you stopped by :)


Dan W Johnson said...

I always thought mememois was a real word you heard somewhere...good for you and congratulations. Thanks for helping get me started...

John Hartwick said...

Happy birthday blog!! I would have got you something, but hell, what do you get a blog?

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, blog!

I confess that I'm reading this on a PC at the moment -- but it's pink, so perhaps you'll find it in your heart to forgive me?