Thursday, January 8, 2009

Writer, Blogger, Decorator, Morrissey Devotee (for Hire)

Back in 2007 when I first typed out a layout for some personal calling cards, I was at work with Marni and Aubrey, sitting in Cube-de-ville. At the time I struggled with titles - my "designations" as it were. Seemed all the little droids at work were B.Comms and I had nothing that important - thus my position in Cube-de-ville. I typed it out on the screen, the things that I felt I truly was. The last one, Morrissey Devotee, was sort of a laugh, but it was certainly true. Marni and Aubrey came over to the screen and enthusiastically urged me to keep the "Morrissey Devotee", Aubrey staunchly saying "But that's who you are! If people don't get it, who cares!". So off the order went to MOO Cards and a few weeks later the darn things showed up and I was thrilled. That was a clever conclusion. That last designation after Decorator, sparks a smile and a chuckle from those in the know, let me tell you. I packed my little Moo cards into a business card holder everywhere I went. I wrote articles for the North Shore News whenever I was given the opportunity from Mr. Goodman, I blogged, I decorated my mom's cottage in Merritt and swooned over other interiors on a daily basis, I listened to Morrissey. I didn't do any of these things professionally - except perhaps the North Shore News articles - that was professional but it didn't replace my job at ParkLane Homes.

Today is January the 8th. In history, this is a VERY interesting day. The first thing that comes to my mind every January 8th is of course, the birthday anniversary of Elvis Presley and David Bowie. As far as events in history which took place on the 8th day of the year, in 1790 the very first State of the Union Address, given by President George Washington in New York City. Also on January 8th, 1835 the United States of America's national debt is 0 for the first and only time. Today in 2009 boy is that ever the opposite. In fact the U.S. National Debt Clock has a number as crazy as $10,644,416,756,123.32 - yeah, don't forget that .32 cents boys. It's not that much brighter here in the Great White North where over 90% of Canadians believe Canada is in a recession and 68% expect the country's employment situation to worsen.

Well, yesterday morning on the 20th floor of Bentall Centre Tower 4, it did worsen for 14 full time employees. ParkLane Homes delivered the news to the various departments around 11 AM. I was one of those employees. While ParkLane has managed to hire and maintain large salaried managers and "VP"s in the last three months, they have decided that the business plan will include having more chiefs than indians. Interesting times indeed.

Skimming off employees from the lower end of the salary scale is a convenience to maneuver blame to the failing real estate economy in Vancouver, however, this is hardly the full story for many real estate developers who have packed themselves to the gills with high-salaried, exorbitant bonus-taking managers. Sadly the story will continue a few further chapters towards eleven as they find themselves occupying their closed-door offices with little to do but play online solitaire games in between fielding difficult customer service related calls.

Anyways, knowing that the place I called home for five years is nothing more than a mirage today, I'm sure of one thing, out of this five-year deal I have gotten some amazing soul sisters in my life. Real life, authentic, beautiful, unique, talented, caring women. Aubrey, Lianne, Marni, Rossi - you absolutely own my heart. Thank you. Gina, Marnie S, you are stalwarts of a mirage that was pretty fabulous place in its day - we wouldn't have wanted to go there had it not been for you two. The most gorgeous sales gals this side of the Mississippi - Amber, Dana, Kimberlie, Natasha, Rebecca and dear Tara - they don't make'em any more beautiful inside and out! Outside non-Parklaners include dearest Anita Schmitt, an amazing woman with class, determination, capabilities beyond the every day in this business. Amanda Gibbs, excruciatingly brilliant and inspiring and my 10-20 sister. Judy Williams, skillful, accomplished, a sense of humor and a sense of human - rare commodity in the legal realm. The two "old-timers" we saw whisked away from the circus of real estate, Brian Tweed and Chad Hodson, thank you for your love and belief and daily support and enthusiasm. Gems.

This morning I am free, breathing a little deeper, have a little more self respect and a lot more hope. This morning I understand what it was all about.  And no, that new regime couldn't break our hearts.

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