Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts Become Things

Thanks to beautiful Moira, I now receive a daily email from the Universe. No, I mean it. The site is TUT.COM and everyday they send me a note of inspiration.   Today's message:

Stephanie, it is easy. 
Just once a day, imagine the life you dream of. 
Believe that it can be yours in this world of magic and miracles. 
Choose to live as if you know of its inevitable manifestation. 
Don't compromise. Don't worry. Don't look for results. 
And as surely as spirit crafts one moment after another, so too will it fuse together the life you now lead with the life of your dreams as if they were two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, destined to become one. This alone determines what's "meant to be."

The Universe


J.Miller said...

What a bunch of crap.
Listen hun,
Expect the worst in life and you'll never be disapointed.

J.Miller said...

disappointed... No wonder I don't have a job.

Stephanie said...

Jesse - you brat! You MUST feel relieved lately??? I feel flippin awesome in comparison to withering away in Cube-de-ville :p

J.Miller said...

I have taken a dump on that chapter and yes, I feel very relieved.
However my eyes are still in recovery. Not only a mess from overhead fluorescents but of the sights that got magnified below, oily and tragic ponytails, reflective hip wader dress pants and the all so intolerable redlining of something beautiful into the ugly sister that no one will date.
This will take time as these scars run deep, however a new chapter, a new painting, and a plan to travel help me sleep.