Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remembering Posh Nosh

Saturday's post mentioning Withnail and I and Richard E. Grant was lingering in my head this morning. I'm having dad over for dinner so we can watch the Grammys (Dad will HATE the bloody Grammys nearly as much as I will, save the Radiohead performance).

I decided I'm cooking pork tenderloin with carmelized apples and onions. I had to give some pork recipes the Googler and found it easier to watch a few YouTube videos of preparation rather than reading recipes. Then I thought of that tongue-in-cheek cooking show of Richard E. Grant's, Posh Nosh. This is the result of my morning.

Then I remember these two dolls...

I have two questions. One, Two Fat Ladies and Posh Nosh are no longer aired on any PBS stations. Why?
Two, who says the British can't cook?

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Dan W Johnson said...

Two Fat Ladies are the best ever...soladd