Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Sunday morning, I've got KCRW playing online, and I'm in the middle of my up-and-down routine for laundry - dreadful duty - and I'm drinking luke warm coffee. Jealous? Well, I'm jealous because I've been doing some research on vacations in England. Now I'm on to the Gower Peninsula, part of Wales and it is absolutely a gorgeous part of England. I think I like Oldwalls the best... we'll see.

So WHY does anyone leave England? I don't get it. Why isn't the UK considered one of the most beautiful places to visit? I can't imagine getting on a long flight and landing somewhere in China. Dear God. Some people actually want to vacation in Asia. It doesn't look one bit relaxing or enjoyable. Who wants to spend their holiday fending off poisonous snakes? Yuck.

This is what my dream vacation would look like...

And while pulling out laundry, now I realize I can't seem to locate my England World Cup soccer t-shirt. Blimey.

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Dan W Johnson said...

Nice pics, but those were the only sunny days they had all year..